Mollie The Clown

Formerly of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Mollie has performed for hundreds of private and public events in the New York Tri-State and DC Metro areas. Mollie (Melanie Bennett) is a certified Special Education teacher in Northern VA.

Mollie the Clown with crayons

Good Gollie, It's Mollie!!

Miss Mollie (out of makeup)

Melanie has been working with kids all her life. She has a very gentle and friendly nature with the young and old. As Mollie the Clown, she understands the fear of clowns, and is unobtrusive when a child or an adult appears to be frightened or unsure of costumed characters. She backs off and allows the child or adult to watch from a distance until they are ready to trust her. Almost 100% of the time, both children and adults with lifetime fears warm up to Mollie in the end, and latch on to her welcoming, playful, and carefree character.

Please visit Miss Mollie (out of makeup) at PB&Jack in Fairfax, VA. She performs a new show every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 10:45 am. The show is geared to the 0-5 age range. Shows include a variety of games, music/dancing, silly magic, felt board fun, scarves, bubbles, balloons, parachute play, and more!